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About Horst SeniorCare

Horst SeniorCare building with pond in the forefront

Horst SeniorCare is a seasoned facility operations and management firm. We make planning for, building, budgeting, operating and maintaining assisted living, continuing care and senior care facilities a smooth process. Not only do we have years of experience behind us, but as part of the Horst Group, we can tap into decades of experience in construction, property management, risk management and insurance.

We are pioneers for assisted living in PA: Horst SeniorCare recognized the value of “aging in place” and providing levels of care for seniors before the state government created assisted living certifications. We built our first assisted living communities in Pennsylvania in 1998. As innovative thinkers, we constructed the facilities in such a way that we could provide a different model for resident-focused care than other institutions. (Read more about this model here.) Once the state caught up to our level of thinking nearly a decade later, we were well-positioned to be immediately certified as an assisted living facility. We remain the owners and operators of the only certified assisted living facility in Lancaster County.

In our partnership with the Horst Construction team, we spearheaded guidelines and templates for building new assisted living facilities or for converting existing personal care facilities into assisted living buildings. Read more about the differences between constructing personal care homes and assisted living residences in this PDF document.

Our Mission

Our company’s mission is an integral part of how we approach our partnerships and tackle our day-to-day operations. It our mission to deliver the following:

  • To assist owners, owner-operators, boards of directors and facility managers in creating a community that is safe, comfortable and healthy for residents
  • To promote facility value by tapping into opportunities for growth and profitability
  • To implement operational procedures that lead to increased resident and employee satisfaction
  • To provide our clients and facility owners with the highest customer service
  • To raise the standard of creating a successful teamwork environment, resulting in the continual growth and success of our senior care communities

Our Vision

Our vision is to perform with a passion for excellence, while doing the right things the right way.

It is also part of our vision to provide the best possible care and services to our residents by nurturing resident-employee relationships with careful hiring and continuous training; building safe and comfortable living spaces; and proactively implementing today’s best operational standards. By achieving this vision, we will create the type of efficient operations owners will value and the environment future residents will be excited to be a part of.

Our Values

Our core values are reflected in the way we communicate with our employees, our clients and our partners to build trust and work with integrity.

  • Honor God
  • Be employee-focused
  • Be customer-centered
  • Build partner relationships
  • Be community-minded
  • Align growth and profitability